Mineralogical Almanac volume 28, issue 1, 2023 - Mineral Observer

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This issue of Mineralogical Almanac is traditional in its content. The team of authors – Yuriy V. Erokhin, Vladimir S. Ponomarev, Ivan A. Baksheev, Valeriy V. Grigor'ev, and Anatoliy V . Zakharov has prepared an article on a sensational find of dravite near Ekaterinburg at Central Urals. In our “Travels for the Minerals” section, we publish an article by Mikhail V. Tsyganko, Georgiy A. Petrov, Vladimir A. Popov, and Anatoliy V. Kasatkin about an expedition for staurolite to the Khoza-Tump Ridge in the North Urals. The Tatarstan Natural History Museum and its mineralogical collection are described in the article by Oleg P. Shilovskiy, Oleg N. Lopatin, and Mikhail V. Tsyganko. In the section “Person of the Mineral Community,” we publish an article by Dona Leicht, dedicated to Marie Huizing, the Editor-in-Chief of Rocks & Minerals magazine.

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