Mineralogical Almanac volume 27, issue 3, 2022 - Mineral Observer

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This issue of the Mineralogical Almanac is dedicated to memory of Boris Z. Kantor (1930–2022), a devoted friend, prolific author, and continuous editor of the magazine, an outstanding mineral collector, and talented popularizer of mineralogy. His life journey and creative development are described in the article by Igor V. Pekov and Michael B. Leybov. The outstanding Bulgarian mineralogist Mikhail N. Maleev and the colleagues from the United States Prof. John Rakovan, museum curator Carl A. Francis, and renowned mineral collector Alexander G. Schauss share their recollections of Boris Z. Kantor. This issue also includes a paper written in 2022 by Boris Z. Kantor on some morphological types of quartz. Emphasizing the high skill and talent of Boris Z. Kantor as a photographer, we present a gallery of selected photographs of mineral specimens that he took in different years for his publications.

80 Seiten, 196 Abb., broschiert. In englischer Sprache