Mineralogical Almanac, volume 4, 2001 - Dalnegorsk

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Dalnegorsk: Notes on Mineralogy

Vadim V. Moroshkin and Nikolay Frishman


Mineralogical Almanac vol. 4, 2001. Moscow, Ocean Pictures Ltd., Mineralogical Almanac, volume 4, 2001. pp. 136, color illustrations: 107, b/w and drawings: 32.

This volume of Mineralogical Almanac is the first issue describing one of the World's Greatest Mineral Locality - Dalnegorsk. The issue provides a collector with information on the most important facts of geological structure, mineralogy and genesis of the Polymetallic and Boron deposits. It contains data on all deposits of the Dalnegorsk ore district. A special attention the authors paid to description of minerals of Dalnegorsk deposits that are of particular interest for collectors.