Mineralogical Almanac volume 25, issue 2, 2020 - Mineral Observer

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The section Famous Mineral Localities opens with a paper by Vladimir A. Popov and Sergei V. Kolisnichenko devoted to a new magnificent find of polyakovite-Ce at the Ilmeny state natural reserve, South Urals, Russia. Another paper in this section is by Mikhail V. Tsyganko and is dedicated to minerals of the Elovskoe nickel deposit. Marking eighty years anniversary of the renown mineralogist of our time, prof. Vladimir I. Pavlishin, we publish two papers. One of themdescribes the V.I. Pavlishin's scientific activities and their evolution with time and was written by his colleagues and fellows, well-known researchers Orest I. Matkovsky and Anna A. Kul'chitskaya. The other paper is historiographic, was written by Vladimir I. Pavlishin, and is devoted to the brilliant scientist, founder of the Ukrainian crystal chemical school Alexander S. Povarennykh.

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