Mineralogical Almanac volume 25, issue 1, 2020 - Mineral Observer

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The cover story of this issue is a paper by Acad. Dmitriy Yu. Pushcharovsky “Discovery of the Periodic Law by Dmitriy I. Mendeleev”, which we devote to 150 years of this fundamental scientific discovery. A paper by Wendell E. Wilson, the publisher of The Mineralogical Record and its Editor-in-Chief is devoted to the 50th anniversary of the establishment (foundation) of this magazine. It tells about publications in this magazine devoted to the minerals of Russia and other countries of the former USSR. Boris Z. Kantor dedicates his tradition of mineralogical ontogeny to the analysis of recent mineralogical finds at the First Soviet Mine, Dalnegorsk, Russian Far East. The historical portion of this issue consists of two papers. One of them, written by a group of our German colleagues, describes the German Federal Geological Survey (BGR, Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe). The other article by our frequent authors Lydie Touret and Jacques Touret describes the activities of the well-known French businessman Jean-Pierre Alibert in Siberia.

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