Dreher Masterworks at the Houston Museum of Natural Science; G. Staebler & N. Hald

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A tribute to the history, life and work of Idar-Oberstein carver Gerd Dreher and his talented family, this book of limited edition is intended as to accompany a exhibition of Dreher carvings at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.
Drawings from numerous references and many hours of interviews, this volume chronicles Gerd's journey from apprentice to master, placing his work and that of his family in cultural context. This outsized volume, extravagantly illustrated with Scovil photos, is a celebration of the life and work of Gerd Dreher and his family's hardstone carving dynasty.

368 pages, hundreds of color photographs, in English, 29,5 x 35,5 cm, Hardcover, 2022.