Mineralogical Almanac volume 24, issue 2, 2019 - Mineral Observer

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The central publication of this issue of the Mineralogical Almanac is the paper "New Findings of Rare Minerals from Former Soviet Union Countries" by Anatoly V. Kasatkin, who summarizes extensive original information collected by him over the past years. The paper presents data on more than fifty mineral species, none of which is newly discovered but which were found for the first time at this vast territory.
The historical section of this issue contains a paper of our permanent author Vladimir I. Pavlishin devoted to the renowned Soviet and Russian mineralogist Dmitry P. Grigor'ev, whose 110th birthday is celebrated by the world's mineralogical community this year.
The column by Boris Z. Kantor, an enthusiast mineralogist interested in the ontogeny of minerals, uncovers the mechanisms of morphologically peculiar calcite crystals from Dalnegorsk, Russian Far East.
A paper by Mikhail V. Tsyganko is devoted to a mineralogical museum in Northern Urals, recently founded and now headed by the author.
Aragonite from Ochtinská Cave, Slovakia, was closely examined by Albert Russ, Stanislav Jelen, and Ludovít Gaál, our colleagues from Slovakia.
The reader can learn about how the first large platinum nugget was found in the Urals in a brief but informative essay by Andrey L. Chudnov.
Victoria A. Chernenko and Vera V. Romanova narrate the history of the basement of the monument of Emperor Peter the Great in St. Petersburg in their paper "The Bronze Horseman Monument: a History of Pedestal". In the section on mineral shows we represent Tuscon 2019.
The issue is traditionally closed with a paper by Stuart Wilensky, which is devoted to Colombian emerald.

104 pages, 206 illustrations including 149 mineral photos.