Mineralogical Almanac volume 22, issue 3, 2017 - Bazhenovskoe

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Bazhenovskoe Deposit (Central Urals, Russia): Mineralogy of Rodingites

This issue is devoted to rodingites of the Bazhenovskoe chrysotile asbestos deposit located in the Asbest city, Central Urals, Russia. This deposit is related to the Bazhenovskiy ophiolite complex. Numerous spectacular specimens of grossular, diopside, vesuvianite, brucite, clinochlore, prehnite, zeolites and otherminerals fromBazhenovskoe have been kept inmanymuseumand private collections since the beginning of last century. Two new minerals kasatkinite and tatarinovite have been discovered in rodingites of Bazhenovskoe. In this work, besides the mineralogy, the history of studies and geological setting of Bazhenovskoe rodingites are reported, as well as, their typization and genetic features. Chemical composition and detailed data on crystal morphology are given for many minerals. This book can be interesting for mineralogists and students in geological specializations, as well as, amateurs of mineral collectors and museum curators.

136 pages, 236 illustrations including 212 mineral photos. 2017.