Mineralogical Almanac volume 22, issue 1, 2017 - Mineral Observer

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The main article of this issue by Vasiliy N. Orlov on Gold Nuggets from Siberia continues a series of publications devoted to Treasures of the Diamond Fund of Russia. The information and photographs of most of these nuggets are published here for the first time. Pavel Yu. Plechov, director of the Fersman Mineralogical MuseumRAS, continues a project for the 300th Anniversary of this Museum. Another part of the museum section is devoted to the Paris Natural History Museum that is reported by Cristiano Ferraris, Caroline Noyes, and Jean-Marc Fourcault. The Jubilees section is devoted to crystallographer Nikolay V. Belov and mineralogists Nathan I. Ginzburg and Richard V. Gaines, outstanding scientists of the 20th century.
Jacques Touret, from Ecole des Mines de Paris and Andrey G. Bulakh from the St. Petersburg State University tell about the detailed history of the building of the Tombstone of Napoleon I in Paris from quartzite from Shoksha (Karelia, Russia). Sergey V. Kolisnichenko reports on a new meteorite form the South Urals (Russia). Reports of Mineral Shows and exhibitions held in 2016 include the Moscow and Munich Mineral Shows and a stonecutting art exhibition in the Vernadsky State Geological Museum RAS (Moscow).

96  pages, 172 illustrations including 105 mineral photos