In Search of Stardust, Jon Larsen

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Micrometeorites and other spherules

IN SEARCH OF THE STARDUST is the first comprehensive book about micrometeorites, and is an illustrated coffetable book with nearly 3000 previously unpublished photos – the first Atlas Of Micrometeorites in scanning electron microscope images, and for the first time hi-res photos in color. In addition to the fantastic pictures you get tips about how and where to look for micrometeorites (methodology), the history of micrometeoritics, chapters about micrometeorite classification and analyzis, and a unique presentation of all sorts of spherules – microtektites, fulgurites, iberulites, oolites, power tool spherules, firework spherules, even urban road dust spherules, etc. With this book it is for the first time possible for everybody to find the amazing micrometeorites.

149 Seiten. Zahlreichr Farbfotos und Abbildungen. Format 24,5 x 24 cm. Gebunden. 2016. In englischer Sprache!