Mineralogical Almanac volume 21, issue 2, 2016 - Saranovskoe Chromite Deposit (Middle Urals)

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This issue of Mineralogical Almanac is devoted to the Saranovskoe chromite deposit at Middle Urals.
This deposit known for almost two hundred years is a unique mineralogical object, particularly as a source of great diversity of unusual Cr-bearing minerals. Among mineralogists and collectors Saranovskoe is famous for nice specimens of uvarovite, shuiskite, redledgeite, millerite, Cr-enriched varieties of titanite, amesite, diaspore, kassite, and pumpellyite-group and chlorite-group minerals. Crystals of grimaldiite and guyanaite were first found here.
At present 111 mineral species are known at the Saronovskoe deposit. Rich and unusual mineralization is a result of the interactions of chromitic rocks related to layered gabbro-ultramafic intrusion and hydrothermal solutions produced by dolerite dikes. The data on the mineralogy of the Saranovskoe deposit are summarized including results of author’s long-time studies, a review of all previously published data and description of interesting recent mineral finds.

Mineralogy of Saranovskoe Chromite Deposit (Middle Urals), Mineralogical Almanac, volume 21, issue 2, 2016
Famous Mineral Localities of Russia
Oleg K. Ivanov

128 pages, 261 illustrations including 179 mineral photos.