Mineralogical Almanac, Volume 21, issue 1, Mineral Observer

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Mineralogical Almanac, volume 21, issue 1, 2016


This expanded issue of Mineral Observer dwells on wide range of topics covering different aspects of mineralogy and mineral collecting. Two articles are devoted to Kamenushinskoy copper deposit in Siberia, where fine specimens of malachite and azurite have been found recently. Vladimir S. Lednev describes briefly geological setting of the deposit and oxidation zone structure. Boris Z. Kantor gives a comprehensive analysis of malachite and azurite aggregates and crystals formation and intergrowth.

Museum section of the issue includes an article by Andreas Massanek and Gerhard Heide on a national mineralogical collection at Krügerhaus in Freiberg (Saxony, Germany). Fundamental problems of scientific mineral collecting discussed in an essay by Igor V. Pekov, Nikita V. Chukanov. Personality section includes two articles: John S. White, a mineralogist, particularly famous among collectors all over the world, tells his life story; Vladimir I. Pavlishin, prominent Ukranian mineralogist makes a historical review feachering two Russian mineralogist – Liya K. Yakhontova and Vasilii M. Severgin. As usual we publish short notes on some new finds and reports on world mineral shows in Moscow (Russia), Denver (USA) and Munich (Germany)

120 pages, 294 illustrations including 223 mineral photos.