Mineralogical Almanac volume 20, issue 3, 2015 - Mednorudyanskoe Deposit

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This issue is focused on the Mednorudyanskoe deposit in the town, Urals, Russia. The early 19th century, it was the largest malachite deposit worldwide. It provided not only magnificent material for decoration of halls in palaces, cathedrals, artworks, and jewels, but numerous remarkable museum hand specimens. Excellent specimens of not only malachite, but libethenite, pseudomalachite, reinchanbachite, and some other minerals come from the deposit up to now; brochantite and delafossite were discovered here. Many outstanding scientists studied the Mednorudyanskoe deposit. At present, 103 minerals were found at the deposit including 42 minerals from primary ores and other from the oxidation zone. The original and previously published data on mineralogy of the Mednorudyanskoe deposit are summarized.

Famous Mineral Localities of Russia
Vladimir A. Popov, Valentina I. Popova, Ivan A. Blinov, Vladimir S. Ponomarev
Minerals of the Mednorudyanskoe Deposit, Russia. Mineralogical Almanac, volume 20, issue 3, 2015.

128 pages, 244 illustrations including 178 mineral photos.