Mineralogical Almanac, Volume 18, issue 3, Mineral Observer

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Mineralogical Almanac, volume 18, issue 3, 2013


We open this issue of Mineralogical Almanac by an article of Sergey V. Kolisnichenko, who witnessed the Chelyabinsk meteorite fall. This event made all mankind to shudder in horror, since geological evidence proved that it could cause a global catastrophe. Victor K. Garanin, a new director of Fersman Mineralogical Museum RAS wrote an article discussing achievements and problems of Museum in historical aspect. Ontogeny of minerals section is resumed in our magazine by an article of Boris Z. Kantor dwelling on “white stripe” in quartz crystals. Terry Huizing, an outstanding collector, living in USA, is presented by an article of Carl A. Francis. Our usual show report section devoted to Tucson (USA), Saint-Marie-aux-Mines (France) and “Jewelry Olympus” competition (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).


96 pages, 315 illustrations including 147 mineral photos.