Mineralogical Almanac Volume 19 issue 3: Mineral Observer

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In a Guide to Ontogeny of Minerals section Boris Z. Kantor writes about Paper Spar - calcite with very dramatically flattened crys­tals, typical for Dalnegorsk. Travels for Minerals section is dedicated to a report of the Mineralogical Almanac team trip to the Urals for preparation of two new special issues on Mednorudyanskoye and Saranovskoye deposits. Sergei V. Kolisnichenko article tells on new discovery of Kunashak meteorite in Chelyabinsk Region. Mikhail Yu. Generalov describes the first Russian hardrock gold (Voitskoye deposit in Karelia, North of European Russia) from collection of Fersman Mineralogical Museum, RAS. Large description of Tucson Mineral Show that celebrated its 60th anniversary and articles about «Gemma» spring fair in Moscow and Second Changsha Mineral Show in China are presented.

80 pages, 234 illustrations including 142 mineral photos, 2014.