Mineralogical Almanac, Volume 18, issue 2, Kola Peninsula

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This special issue of the Mineralogical Almanac is devoted to the Kola Peninsula. The main article by I.V. Pekov and A.P. Nikolaev is on the mineralogy of peralkaline pegmatites and hydrothermal bodies of the Koashva apatite deposit in Khibiny. The history of its exploration and geology are outlined, the pegmatite-hydrothermal complex is characterized and 127 minerals are described. An article by A.V. Voloshin is focused on the history of mineralogical studies of the rare-element granite pegmatites of Kolmozero and Voron’i Tundras and the amazonite pegmatites of West Keivy. The paper by Yu.L. Voitekhovsky is devoted to almandine and its deposits in West Keivy. A.V. Voloshin, I.V. Pekov and V.V. Borisova give a historical review with statistical data on 264 new minerals first discovered in the Kola region. A special article is devoted to the collection by V.G. Grishin, one of the most interesting modern collections of the Kola minerals.

128 pages, 203 illustrations including 147 mineral color photos.