Mineralogical Almanac, volume 17, issue 1, 2012. Mineral Observer. Mineral News from Russia and beyond.

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Mineral Observer. Mineral News from Russia and beyond. Mineralogical Amlamac, vol. 17, issue 1, 2012, S. 87.

Mineral Observer. Mineral News from Russia and Beyond.
Moscow: Mineral-Almanac LTd. 88 pages, 203 illustrations including 111 mineral photos.
Title article of this issue is written by prominent Russian mineralogist Vladimir A. Popov and contains a comprehensive description of Akhmatov Mine (South Urals). The locality is well-known to mineralogists and collectors primary as a type locality for perovskite. Historical review by Nina A. Mokhova tells a story of Aleksandr V. Razderishin, famous Russian collector of 18th century. Tat’yana M. Pavlova and Elena A. Borisova describe a specimen from the early collections of the Fersman mineralogical museum. In the “A Guide to Ontogeny of Minerals” column Boris Z. Kantor considers some “peculiarities”. As usual, we publish reviews of  the mindat.org conference in Lwówek ŚSlaski (Poland) and main summer-autumn shows – Sainte-Marie-aux-Mine, Denver, and Munich.

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