Mineralogical Almanac volume 16, issue 1, 2011 - RUBTSOVSKOE

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This issue of the Mineralogical Almanac is devoted to the mineralogy of the oxidation zone of the Rubtsovskoe base-metal deposit located in the north-west part of Rudnyi Altai (Altai Krai, Russia). This deposit, that has been operated as the Rubtsovsky mine of Siberia-Polymetals OJSC since 2005, became famous due to remarkable finds of supergene minerals. Uniquely rich iodide mineralization was discovered here. Rubtsovskoe is also a source of top-level specimens of native copper, cuprite, marshite, miersite, and iodargyrite. The issue contains the results of original mineralogical studies of the oxidation zone of the Rubtsovskoe deposit; 40 supergene minerals are described.

96 Seiten, 167 farbige Abb., 2011, broschiert. In englischer Sprache!