New Data on Minerals

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New Data on Minerals. Moscow.: Ocean Pictures, 2005. volume 40, 168 pages, 15 color and 99 b/w drawings, schemes, photos. The volume 40 includes articles on new mineral species, among which chukhrovite(Nd), tsepinite Sr, senkevichite, and kyrgyzstanite are described. The new data on rare minerals calcurmolite and turanite, easily oxidizable chalcopyrite from black smokers of the Rainbow hydrothermal field (Mid Atlantic Ridge), vanadium hematite associated with minerals of precious metals, copper, zinc, and iron is given; also there is data on fahlores from the Kvartsitovye Gorki deposit and the nickeline breithauptite mineral series from the Norilsk ore field. Features of bismuth mineralization of the Djimidon deposit (North Osetia) and rare metal mineralization connected with bituminous matters from pegmatites of the Khibiny and Lovozero massifs are revealed. The results of study of metacolloidal gold and delhayelite crystals are published. In the «Mineralogical Museums and collections» part, the minerals named in honour of collaborators of the Fersman Mineralogical Museum, specimens of platinum of the Ugolnyi stream (Norilsk) from the Museum collection are described; interesting historical data on the items of Decorative and Precious Stones collection (PDK) is given. «Mineralogical Notes» part includes the mineralogical summary of main mineral types of ores of Europe and the article devoted to mineral drawings of Victor Slyotov and Vladimir Makarenko. In new «Discussions» part, the polemics on the theme «What are the mineral and mineral species» is opened. The review of new books is published. The volume is of interest for mineralogists, geochemists, geologists, and also collaborators of natural historical museums, collectors and amateur of minerals.

2005  Volume 40, 168 Seiten, über 100 Fotos, Zeichnungen uns Grafiken. Format: 21,5 x 17 cm