Laurion - The minerals in the ancient slags

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The aim of this book is to explain, in simple terms, how the minerals were formed thousands of years ago in the ancient slags at Laurion, and to give collectors a visual impression by providing color photographs of each of the minerals found at the locality. The book gives explicit descriptions of the topography and ore deposits of the area, combined with an accounting of the fascinating history of mining and smelting techniques dating back 5,000 years. Of special interest to mineral collectors are the descriptions of the different types of slag that were produced in the different localities around Laurion, with an excellent account of where a visitor to the area might productively collect today. The main attraction of this book is undoubtedly the color photographs of the minerals. Although many of the specimens are small and difficult to photograph, the standard of photography is very high. Each color photograph is accompanied by a brief description of the species, chemical composition, associates, and other pertinent data. Of particular interest to collectors of slag minerals from other localities (England, Germany, Italy, and others) is the similarity with some of the suites of minerals which can be collected at Laurion. Unquestionably, the main function of the book is as an aid to visual identification of these minerals.

P. Gelaude, P. van Kalmthout, and C. Rewitzer 9 1/2 X 6 3/4”, 195 pages, illustrated with 200 color photographs, several maps, and numerous crystal drawings, pictorial soft cover.