Mineralogical Almanac, volume 14, issue 1, Mineral Observer, 2009.

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Mineralogical Almanac, volume 14, issue 1, 2009. ISBN 5-900395-04-9
88 pages, 194 color photos, among them 132 mineral photos, soft cover.In english!


This issue of Mineral Observer presents articles written both by authors well-known to our readers (Boris Z. Kantor Skeletal Growth or Autoepitaxy?; Zoya A. Bessudnova, Mikhail Alexandrovich Tolstopyatov as Experimental Mineralogist and a "Poet of Science"; Nikita V. Chukanov Coprolites in Minera logical Collections) as well as materials written by new authors: outstanding Russian mineralogist Alexander P. Khomyakov (On the Number of Mineral Species in Nature), Elena N. Matvienko, curator of Fersman Mineralogical Museum (Pseudomorphs and other Oddities from Fersman Mineralogical Museum RAS) and well-known collector Victor V. Ponomarenko (Calcite from Dalnegorsk: Review of 2003-2008 Findings) are among them. As usual one can find reports on recent Mineral Shows (Denver, Munich, Saint-Petersburg) written by our correspondents. A special report is devoted to an outstanding event an opening of a new mineral exposition in Freiberg, Germany. There is also the review of new publications and Internet-sites that can be interesting both for mineralogists and mineral collectors.

Mineralogical Almanac Volume 14 issue 1

News from Russia and Beyond (Munich Mineral Show 2008 and much more)