extraLAPIS English No. 9 Fluorite

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Fluorite is...clear and colorless in its pure form, but defects and impurities endow it with an array of colors...a rich history that spans cultures and millenia...an important ore...readily mined from places around the globe...rich in color, form, association: The Collector's Choice.

Fluorite: from Ancient Treasures to Modern Labs and Collections (Gloria Staebler, Joan Deville, Earl Verbeek, R. Peter Richards and Fabien Cesbron)/Fluorite Luminescence (Earl Verbeek)/Fluorite Balls from Hell (Erich Offermann & R. Peter Richards)/Colors of EUROPE: Old Classics and New Finds: Fluorite from the United Kingdom (Ian Jonas)/Fluorite from Spain: Every Color Under the Sun (Guiomar & Miguel Calvo)/France (Christophe Lucas)/Switzerland (Hans Anton Stalder)/Best of the AMERICAS: Elmwood-Gordonsville-Cumberland Mine Complex Of Eastern Tennessee (Arvid Pasto & Brian Stefanec)/The Great Southern Illinois Fluorspar Deposits (Ross Lillie)/Connecticut (John Pawloski)/IridescentFluorite from OhioŽs Findlay Arch District (Jason McDonald)/Canada (Mark Mauthner & Frank Melanson)/Mexico: Hundreds of Localities, Great Associations (Matthias Jurgeit & Peter Megaw)/Fluorite from Peru (Rock Currier)

Softcover, 126 pages, size: 29.7 x 21 cm.